Assessment and optimisation of marketing actions

Assess the impact of your business operations, cut out needless expenditure, protect your budgets and maximise their effect.

We can furnish you with a personalised assessment and optimisation plan: relationship marketing actions off and online, coordination and POS communication no matter your marketing mix.

By providing you with a constant stream of key decision-making data , we help you enhance the performance of your marketing investments.

Whether you are looking to implement assessments, make them more reliable or rationalise them, A.I.D. can help you:

  • Reorganise and structure the data essential to the assessment process.
  • Apply proven statistical methods to measure actual return-on-investment and simulate the sales impact of your business actions.
  • Produce dashboards so you can oversee the performance of your marketing campaigns.
  • Implement action plans that optimise your marketing budgets

The main advantage in combining marketing and statistical expertise is that we can base our assessment techniques on real situations and ensure their application in business environments.

To find out more about the Store Performer tool, download the document below.

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